Friday, March 9, 2012

Artist Profile: Red State Blues Band

Artist:  Red State Blues Band

Style:  Modern electric blues

Albums I own:

12 Tracks

Number of plays on my iTunes:  298

Artist website:

Blues in the Dark

In this video, left to right: John Blair on guitar, Stephen Dyer on keys, Walter Dodds on harp, Seth Galitzer on vocals and sax, Neil Dunn on drums, Mike Herman on bass, and Bernd Friebe on guitar.  Not shown here is John Fellers running the sound board.

Profiles of the Band Members
This fall, the K-State Collegian did a great series of articles on the members of the Red State Blues Band, and here they finally are all in one place:

John Blair - Guitar - Biology Professor Finds Rhythm in Music, Science

Walter Dodds - Harmonica - Biology Professor Moonlights as Blues Harmonica Player

Neil Dunn - Drums - Instructor's Love for Music, Life Influenced by Travel, Cultures

Stephen Dyer - Keyboards - RSBB Member Enjoys More than Academics

John Fellers - Sound Equipment and Vocals - Professor's Interests Range from Research to Music

Bernd Friebe - Guitar - K-State Professor Is Plant Pathologist by Day, Blues Purist by Night

Seth Galitzer - Sax and Vocals - Music Performances Transform K-State Systems Coordinator

Mike Herman - Bass - Biology Professor Learns It's Never Too Late to Learn an Instrument

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